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Deborah Schindler, APR, MBA, has 30+ years in AEC business development, marketing, and client relations. Her work has been in senior-level positions with multi-office, regional, national and international firms including DLR Group, Durrant Group, Merrick & Company, Carter & Burgess (Jacobs), Henkels & McCoy, Land Architects, and CLC Associates.

Her focus on integrated revenue generation programs has led to repeated success for her employers and clients, including significant revenue and market share increases, firm expansions, and re-balancing of revenue sources. Deb is a member of:

  • American Council of Engineering Companies (BD Forum Chair, Colorado Chapter)
  • SMPS (2013 Leonardo winner and current Director-at-Large, Colorado Chapter)
  • Public Relations Society of America, Accredited
  • Business Marketing Association
Session Title

Industrial-Strength Revenue Generation: Your Guide to Deriving Full Value From Your Revenue Generation Engine

Consider this: your revenue generation process is an engine. It’s an engine that is driving the future of your firm. It’s an engine with multiple moving parts and pieces. Those parts and pieces should be monitored and managed, all the time, to ensure full power is being continuously pulled from each component. Each component is integrated with the others. If one isn’t working well, the others aren’t working well. And, if you’re not monitoring the performance of all the components, at all times, how do you know what is working and what isn’t?

What does your firm’s revenue generation engine look like? Silo’d departments? Little understanding from the C-suite on the specific value of the program? A piling on of proposals that have less than a 50% chance of winning? On-the-fly decisions and last minute requests? An inability to confidently anticipate whether the firm will hit its projections or not?

No more “seat-of-the-pants” approaches to generating revenue! Learn how to transform your business development, marketing, and client relations into a highly-functioning, revenue-delivering operation using defined structure, proven, repeatable processes, and ongoing measurement.

Attendees will receive a copy of the recently released report, “Integrated Revenue Generation” defining the specifics of the program. It’s a proven operational structure and measurable program you can take to the C-suite and gain understanding of and support for the activities you’re engaged in. It’s a different game out there today. Are you prepared?