Donna J. Corlew FSMPS, CPSM

Chief WIT Officer



A native Tennessean, Donna’s roots run deep in Southern hospitality, a culture of giving, and an abiding love of SEC sports. Driven by a passion for coaching and helping others identify and maximize your unique talents and expertise, Donna works with firms to facilitate market research, make connections, build chemistry, and coach sales and marketing teams.

Donna achieved the CPSM designation in 1993 and elevated to the status of SMPS Fellow in 2004. An active and engaged volunteer, Donna has held leadership positions on the chapter and national level, including a term as National President in 2007-2008.

Session Title

One Wrong Project Ruins Your Brand

Over the past ten years, when work was slow, many firms took every job they could get their hands on. This approach helped some firms stay in business, yet hurt their brand perception in the marketplace when the economy improved. This session will discuss the importance of living your brand promise and the importance of using your brand as a filter for the projects you choose to pursue. Drawing on both practical experience and theoretically, the session will teach you how to keep your brand strong, even in the face of adversity.