Hildegard Dodd of Wilson Ihrig

Hildegard Dodd

Marketing Manager

Wilson Ihrig


Hildegard is a marketing and business development professional with over 17 years of experience. She began her career as a receptionist and through hard work and tenacity, rose to leadership positions within the A/E/C industry. Her work ranges from overseeing the strategic direction of her firm’s BD goals, to managing marketing initiatives and pursuits. She has worked at small firms of 10 people to ones as large as 6,000, and all sizes in between. She is also a public speaker speaks about Leadership, Collaboration and Empowerment as they relate to work and career.

Session Title

Business Development is Everyone's Business: Engaging Staff in Your Organization's BD Effort

Business development (BD) is rarely a solitary effort…it takes a team of focused individuals with a strategic plan. Project Managers, designers and many levels of staff within a firm participate in BD without realizing that their interactions with clients, team members and other industry professionals can be an opportunity to leave those business influencers with a lasting impression of the firm.

In this presentation, I will discuss ways to roll out an overall firm BD culture, but it won’t just be presented in theory, attendees will leave with practical tools and instructions how to use them so this new way of thinking can be a success. Plus, all the tools can be downloaded as editable documents after the presentation from your Chapter website.

I will discuss and present lunch and learn ideas, user-friendly forms to track progress, and many other useful hands-on materials that can help them to create a winning BD partnership between themselves and staff for long-term success, Attendees will also participate in short, but fun, role-playing exercise to help attendees overcome objections while trying to implement this new way of thinking. And by recognizing that each firm differs in its approach to BD, I will conclude with a brainstorming session to help attendees tailor these best practices to fit their firm’s current culture.