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Jen Hebblethwaite

Champion of All Things Grace

Graceworks Inc.


Jen Hebblethwaite, Champion of All Things Grace, heads up Graceworks Atlanta office. From commercial real estate to coaching Atlanta’s finest Men in Blue at the Forest Park Police Department, Jen is an experienced corporate trainer. She’s spent 10 years as a Teaching Artist for a Tony Award-winning theatre and has taught everything from playwriting to MBA Leadership/Communication on an undergraduate and graduate level. She is foremost a compassionate coach and trainer, but as our rogue academic, Jen also gets excited about things like semantics and semicolons. She leads our Gracewriting® program and is a trained practitioner of Whole Brain® Thinking.

Session Title

Writing Proposals with Your Whole Brain

We’ve all read the project proposal blah-blah, haven’t we? “This is who we are, and this is what we do.” It’s self-centered; it’s boring, and it’s just plain blah-blah!

What if the content in your proposal spoke to your clients’ different preferences and thinking styles? Wouldn’t that be helpful to your reader? Welcome to the power of writing with your whole brain! The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) is the world’s leading thinking-styles assessment tool. HBDI’s Whole Brain® theory helps us understand how people prefer to think, process information and communicate.

In this fun, interactive workshop, we’ll learn how to use Whole Brain® thinking to craft proposals that will help your readers get your message and help them make the decisions that are right for them.