Matt Rich

Vice President

Jacobsen Construction Company


Matt Rich is Vice President of marketing and business development at Jacobsen Construction Company, a general contractor based in Salt Lake City, Utah. His favorite part of his job is winning a project. His least favorite part is losing. It still hurts EVERY! SINGLE! TIME! Matt is a frequent speaker on marketing and business development topics. He has held multiple board positions for SMPS and in the community and is currently serving as the president of the Utah Alliance for Economic Development. He holds a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Utah and an M.B.A. from UCLA. Matt has been married to Amy for 23 years. They have triplet teenage boys, a teenage daughter, a dog named Maggie and a goldfish named Alphonso.

Session Title

Interview Preparation…or ‘Do We Seriously Have to Do This?!’

This presentation takes an amusing and energetic approach to preparing your teams for interviews. Do you have a principal who doesn’t like to do interview prep? We’ll talk about fixing that. Do your teams get so nervous during an interview they can hardly string two sentences together. We’ll try to fix that too. From capture plans to capturing a win we’ll talk about some strategies, examples and exercises that will better prepare you to help your team put their best foot forward instead of putting their foot in their mouth.