Jennifer Hebblethwaite

Jennifer Hebblethwaite
Senior Vice President & Champion of All Things Grace
Graceworks (Atlanta, GA office)

Jennifer Hebblethwaite, Senior Vice President and Champion of All Things Grace, heads up Graceworks Atlanta office. From commercial real estate to coaching Atlanta’s finest Men in Blue at the Forest Park Police Department, Jennifer is an experienced corporate trainer. She’s spent 10 years as a Teaching Artist for a Tony Award-winning theatre and has taught everything from playwriting to MBA Leadership/Communication on an undergraduate and graduate level.

Jennifer is foremost a compassionate coach and trainer, but as our rogue academic, Jennifer also gets excited about things like semantics and semicolons. She leads our fun, interactive Gracewriting® program.

Finally, Jennifer is trained in Whole Brain® Thinking, which is designed to use every last brain cell. Jennifer’s teaching style is big and bold, and she can’t wait to help you help your listeners and readers!