Keynote Speakers

Keynote Presentation: Thursday, April 12 at 8:30 am  

Survival Skills 
Presented by Michelle Aikman 
Military survival training is intense for a reason! Designed to teach service members how to survive, evade, resist, and escape when in enemy territory, there are many lessons we can use from survival training to improve team dynamics in the workplace. Learn about military survival and gain valuable transferable lessons shared by survival experts including: Air Force survival specialist, Army Ranger, Navy SEAL, and Air Force pilots.

Keynote Presentation: Friday, April 13 at 8:30 am  

Reawakening the Youthful Mind 
Presented by Amy Shaffer 
Amy Spittler Shaffer is an intuitive creative facilitator or “Friend of Ideas.” She works with people and companies to recognize and use the powerful notion that ideas and creativity are more than just the products or results they generate—they’re an essential medium for human connection, meaning, and growth. She will share with you what she has learned over the last decade, as an in-depth researcher, working with thousands of kids in over 25 countries. This engaging conversation will take a look at who you were as a kid, and how it relates to who you are now as an adult.  These childhood experiences shape all of your relationships, both personal and professional.  Drawing from cutting-edge neuroscience research, Amy explores the patterns of youthful thinking and play and how these ideas have a place in all of our lives and how they can help you make more informed creative decisions.  Are you ready to reawaken your youthful mind, become a more creative individual, and apply it to your everyday life?