Krista Trofka

Krista Trofka
Trofka Communication Arts

Krista Trofka (founder of Trofka Communication Arts) works with firms across the CRE & AEC industry to help win new and bigger clients through pursuit coaching, group trainings and individual coaching. She began TCA after a life-time struggle with public speaking anxiety as an opportunity to help others and a commitment to become an expert in this one thing that holds us back in so many ways.

Krista is a former real estate advisor and Owner’s Representative for both JLL and CBRE, bringing a unique owner’s perspective to effective communication in the industry. In her prior career, she has worked on some of Denver’s toughest real estate challenges, including National Western Center, Colorado Convention Center, and CDOT’s New Headquarters.

We are all invited to take the stage in some form in our lives, whether that be in an interview for work, a speech at a wedding, or simply asking a question in a business meeting or classroom setting. We all have ideas, questions or explorations which we hold back from sharing because our brains are hardwired to prioritize acceptance by our peers and avoid rejection and ridicule. Sometimes, this keeps us safe – but more often than not – it keeps us from truly stepping into a life of opportunity.