Track 1: Build Yourself

Taking the Sting Out of Transitioning from Marketing to Business Development
Andrew Weinberg, FSMPS, CPSM 
and Terry Hawley, CPSM
Are you new to the hive? Are you a new business developer, looking for creative new ways to pound the same pavement others more seasoned have been buzzing around for years? Are you making the transition from marketing to business development? Are you in a position responsible for both? You are not alone! This workshop will delve into all three scenarios, offering lessons learned from the speakers as well as from your peers. Join us in this workshop-style discussion, where we’ll share challenges, solutions, and ideas. You will walk out ready to find the honey, and tackle whatever BD challenges lie ahead.

Fat Free Gracewriting 

Jen Hebblethwaite 
Wimpy writing just doesn’t get results! Gracewriting teaches you to write with power by being clear, concise and correct. We help you write with grace by putting your reader’s needs first.

Fat-Free Gracewriting is our module that focuses on writing clearly and concisely. In today’s lightning-fast business environment, no one has time to read wordy emails, letters or proposals. Murky writing certainly isn’t going to get us from the RFP to the shortlist. It’s time to put our writing on a diet!

Our workshop involves a lot more than putting pen to paper. We play games. We compete. We make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! What does that have to do with better writing? Everything! Be ready to be big and bold as you experience Gracewriting. 

Burnout! The Modern Day Professional's Kryptonite

Matt Connor
If you have worked in this industry for more than a year or so, then you may have (at some point) started to feel burnt out. We’ve all been there. Even if you work for a great company, sometimes the job and natural parts of it can break even the strongest person down. 

In this energetic, highly interactive, and entertaining session, the focus of the session will be on the solution and will cover ideas, resources, tips, and actions that attendees can utilize to prevent or stop burnout. The session will include group discussions, demonstrations, and input and interaction with the audience. There will be actual testimonials and real life examples of what can go very wrong and how taking some simple steps can literally change your life. 

Time vs. Priority
Adam Kilbourne, FSMPS, CPSM
Most of us think of our days in 24 hour blocks of time. And there never seems to be enough time! What happens when you think about time in hours per week? 168 hours to be exact. Let’s say we work 9 hours a day, and sleep 8 hours (wishful thinking). That leave 67 hours a week for life’s activities -  family, hobbies, community service, special projects. When we learn to prioritize we can free up large amounts of time for the things we “never have time for.” We’ll discuss strategies for prioritizing your time as well as tools that can help with time management. 

Build a Braver You 
Grenee Celuch, CPSM and Deirdre Gilmore, CPSM
Being brave is something that doesn’t come easily to many of us. That’s because bravery isn’t a trait we’re born with, it’s a learned attribute and one that comes from experience. To be brave, you have to be able to look within, and confront the fears that hold you back.

Bravery is mental toughness, knowledge, and confidence all wrapped up into one trait. Do you want to move up in your career? Be a better leader for your firm/department? You need bravery when you take on new tasks at work, to be more productive confronting others, and to overcome your fears of not being perfect. In this session you will learn how to take small steps to becoming more brave and the seven steps to get you started into action on a daily basis. Bravery is a muscle – the more often you work it, the stronger it gets!