Track 2: Build Your Firm

Finance Matters! Planning and Performance Lead to Profitability
Chris Rickman, FSMPS, CPSM
To many of us in the exciting field of marketing and business development, finance can be considered dry, boring and somewhat complicated. But in order to improve our firms’ profitability and advance our career goals, it’s important to have an understanding of business and accounting principles.

This session will cover topics such as:

  1. How you can help the firm be profitable
  2. Understanding ROI
  3. Understanding basic contract language 

Along with others and, through information and examples, this presentation puts the field of finance in basic terms. You’ll learn more about the financial side of our industry, positioning your firm — and yourself — for future success. 

Designing Your Client Experience: Interactive Workshop
Blake Godwin and Ryan Suydam
Every firm has strategic clients—those clients who keep the lights on and staff busy. Sure, our best clients deserve special attention, but are we really delivering on that promise? Learn a process, Client Empathy Mapping, which helps your service teams anticipate the questions, needs, thoughts and feelings of your strategic clients. Armed with these insights, you will discover how to design a client experience that delights and assures your best clients stay put for life. During this highly-interactive session, we will create a Client Empathy Map together, giving you first-hand practice on the critical must-haves for the process. You will quickly recognize opportunities to differentiate with a uniquely tailored service and to spot the exact concerns that need to be addressed in delivery. We’ll also discuss ways to extend your empathy map into a more robust “journey map,” marketing’s role as the “journey facilitator” and how “instant empathy” can help you gain buy-in to the process with other leaders in your firm. Come learn how a client experience plan enables you firm to deliver a more satisfying result to the client every time; driving retention while also increasing new revenue. 

What's All the Buzz About CRM?
Emy Burback, CPSM, Courtney Kearney, CPSM, and Jennifer Newman, CPSM
Dive into the world of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) from above the “hive” down into the honeycombs. We will discuss ideas ranging from how to get started and evaluate the CRM that fits your needs, to things you should do before you implement a CRM and how to successfully implement. We will also buzz you through training and long-term management. After all, a successful CRM takes the entire hive working together as a colony and cross-pollinating all departments with effective communication and process. As is true with all technology, it should work for us not put us to work for it. Such is true with CRM! It should be the solution to gain efficiencies and keep up with the speed at which we are flying. After all, “a bee is never as busy as it seems; it's just that it can't buzz any slower.” Kin Hubbard 

Engage the Brain to Trigger the Buy
Bryan Gray
Your prospect is not a person, heart or soul; it’s actually a 3-pound organ called the brain! As amazing and powerful as the brain is, it's very primitive and predictable in how it makes a buying decision. You’ll learn the distinct process, speed and emotional triggers needed to steer a sales decision your way. 

Well over half of your deals are lost for reasons you may think are outside of your control, but they’re really not. Don’t let slow-no’s or “close second” curse you anymore! If you violate any of these “brain rules”, you run the risk of becoming commoditized and taken out of contention.

You will also learn how to get to the hidden decision makers, how to get there faster and how to drive priority. What’s the payoff...unseat incumbents, win more projects and gain higher fees! If you don’t come; let’s hope your competitor doesn’t either. 

Prime or Sub - Writing the Rules to Be the Best Teaming Partner

Donna Corlew, FSMPS, CPSM and Frank Lippert, FSMPS, CPSM
Today, teaming is critical. When it works, clients see the magic when proposals and projects come together in a winning combination. Too often, there is a disconnect between prime and sub. It starts with early positioning communication, gets bumpy in the proposal phase, is visible in the interview, and project delivery is a catastrophe.

Working from primary research, professional marketers were asked about what works – and what doesn’t -- for teaming. The survey puts forward draft “rules” for teaming, setting the stage for this event.

During this session, a panel of prime consultant marketers and subconsultant marketers walk through the survey and, together with the audience, writes the rules! Draft rules are created LIVE and emailed at the close of the session. Facilitated by Frank Lippert and Donna Corlew, this session promises intense audience participation. Ultimately, we’ll define best teaming practices participants can start using now.